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We offer Programing Assistance and Programs to Go!

Programing is important to a variety of operations -- museums, libraries, clubs, and other organizations all benefit from regular, well-planned programs.  Historical Perspectives can help you create programs to meet a variety of needs, and we can also bring interesting, engaging programs to you:

Programs to Go!

Looking for something new add to your calendar of events?  How about a guest speaker with an engaging program?  Learn more and check out our list of available titles at Programs to Go!

Educational Programming

     Other than tours of your facility, what types of programming do you offer students?  Do you work with local teachers to ensure your programs meet the needs of their students?  Or perhaps schools are no longer including your facility in their fieldtrip schedules--a problem becomming increasingly common for museums and historic sites across the county.  If that is the case, do you have programs to take to the classroom?  Many small organizations don't know how to develop educational programming because they aren't teachers; Historical Prespectives can help.  We work with your staff and local teachers to develop on- and off-site programs and lesson plans that work with your collections and can be used by teachers to supplement their regular curriculum.


Contact Historical Perspectives today to discuss your educational needs today!

history traveling trunk

Example of off-site educational programming: traveling trunk.

History-based Programming

    Students aren't the only visitors who appreciate and benefit from well- crafted programming; adults do, too.  Does your organization offer regular, history-based programs such as lectures, concerts, plays, workshops, or other activities for children and adults that are open to the public? In this era of steadily declining attendance, museums and historic sites need to find other ways to entice visitors to their facilities, and great programming is crucial to realizing that goal. Historical Perspectives can work with you to identify and develop potential program opportunities that will engage your visitors as well as fit your budget. Ready to get started?  Contact us to learn more!

civil war era woman
fiddler and banjo player

First person impressionists and concerts are just two forms of programming popular with a wide range of visitors.

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