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Historical Research Services to meet a Range of Needs

     As experienced historians, we work efficiently to find the information you need, and perhaps more importantly, we also understand the contextual significance of the records we uncover.


     At the start of every research project, we'll work with you to ensure we have a clear understanding of your goals.  We then review the information you may have already gathered, bring in other contextual sources, and develop a specific research plan.  Our knowledge of history gives us the framework from which to work, enabling us to find the information needed to create the most complete reports possible.

Rows of books in a library

     Historical Perspectives knows information can be found in a wide range of sources.  We have extensive experience conducting research across the US and in Europe where we've worked in a wide variety of archives, libraries, government offices, and private collections. We can decipher the long-forgotten and often overlooked research aids used to organize historical records, effectively employ online resources, and develop targeted requests to systematically gather the historical information necessary to successfully complete your project, whether searching for an ancestor, creating new exhibits, or completing National Register nomination forms.


     What can Historical Perspectives help you with today?  


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