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Our Genealogical Services can help You Discover YOUR Roots

     When did you become interested in your family history?  With the birth of a child, the death of a loved one?  Maybe it was when you heard a particular story told during a holiday dinner, or  when "Uncle Joe" commented how much you reminded him of one of his siblings whom you'd never met . . . whatever the trigger, you just knew you needed some answers.

     But how to start?

     New technology not only makes records more accessible, but the sheer volume of records can also make them overwhelming.  It's easy to get lost in the mountains of information, and when you factor in misspelled names, name changes, frequent moves, immigration, and multiple spouses, well, even the most experienced researcher can get confused.  So how are you supposed to figure it all out?

Genealogy Materials

      That's where Historical Perspectives comes in.  We can help you start a project on  your own, or find ways through "brick walls" in existing ones.  If you prefer, however, we can do the work and create a full genealogical report for you.  Historical Perspectives has the experience necessary to cut through the chaos, identify your ancestors, and locate the information crucial to developing an overview of their lives.  Furthermore, as historians, we are are uniquely qualified to put your ancestors into the context of the larger world view so that you can understand how their lives compared to those around them.  Ready to learn more about your personal history?  Contact Historical Perspectives today!


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