May 12, 2017

If today's title sounds vaguely familiar, you might be a fan of Star Trek: Generations.  "Resistance is futile" was the trademark statement of the Borg, an amalgamated race of biomechanical beings determined to assimilate every group of humans it encountered.  If the targeted population refused to be assimilated, they were simply destroyed and the Borg moved on to its next tar...

May 6, 2016


Has this ever happened in your organization? Someone shows up at your museum with a car load of things hoping you'll take them off his or her hands. The volunteer or staffer who answers the door, agrees to take the items because they're antiques, or at least vintage, and taking them is better than letting them end up stashed in someone's garage or attic where they'll get dama...


Ask someone affiliated with a small historical society about what they do, and most will say they collect and preserve local history. Ask them why, and they'll say, "because it's important."  But ask them about the stories they tell, and you may get looks of confusion and panic.  Why? Because local historical societies and museums still follow traditional practices establishe...

March 26, 2016

When I decided I wanted to help small museums and history-based organizations find ways to survive and, more importantly, thrive, many people asked me, why bother?  Most of these places are boring, they said, they don't do anything, and they haven't changed in decades. What's the point?


The point is these museums, historic sites, and historical societies are important to...

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March 26, 2016

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